T_T That was depressing.

Did life skills mean repression in your school?

I was cleaning out some really old papers in my room when I hit stuff form my years in high school (It didn’t take long for tears to flow).

It was a form introducing me to my high schools life skills program were they will teach you the correct emotions, how you should be to make others happy and repressing undesired desired behaviors (includes emotions).

It was not till years later did a learn what they called Life skills was actually ABA “Applied Behaviour Analysis”.  I didn’t question why they put me in an autism class when I didn’t have it (I was not aware at the time), I was just happy that I was not having to be around other students (This class was officially on my timetable).

The classes failed because I grew a deep hatred for other human (made me violent).

Most of the F*** up ways my brain thinks can be blamed of these classes (They did help a little but, when you compare it to the negatives they are not equal).



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