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ARGEVOLLEN 25% impression


Does this show stand out from all the other mecha anime? no.

Episode 6 is rushed! The episode is riddled with still frames, dialog has clearly been spliced together from different recordings and the episode doesn’t have any reason to exist!

Episode name: Run, Jamie!

O_O How can you make a full episode dedicated to someone walking through a wood!

Do you know what my biggest question was during this episode: Why did they send out the only person who can fix the mecha in only a helmet? You’re sending this woman out into a warzone! Everything this woman is wearing is completely wrong and not one person in this army has a problem with this.

Capture 1.PNG

I have no idea why she abandons the helmet?

The show is moving at a snail’s pace and it’s starting to get a little aggravating (who are they fighting again?).

The Morose Mononokean first impression


Why were the men in this show look like they belong in a mushy romance manga.

When I was attempting to do a mass of impression for the 2 week I was gone this anime was one of the two I chose to look at… wonder I stopped.

This is not a bad first episode, it’s just lacking something.

episode: A young lad finds that he has a spirit stuck on his back and searches for a way to get it off. He gets it off but now finds he is forced to payoff the huge bill by working for a man who seem to come from a different world. 

The episode moves really slowly with a conclusion that felt cute but oddly manipulative for no real reason. I think that’s the problem I have with this first episode, everything just feels off and out of place.

I have no idea why the men look like they belong in a boy love manga or why the pacing feels so dead lined (these kinds of shows tend to have lot of energy and interesting designs).

guess I’m a little interested to see where this show will go with it’s premise.


This art club has a problem first impression


Why did watch this?

Honestly! Why did I watch this? What part of my head thought I would enjoy this?

“Go to the art club and enjoy are lack of white light bulbs.”

 This club consists of one girl who loves drawing observational art while the boy wants to draw his perfect anime wife. The girl love the boy even thogh he shows no interest in here.

Do you know what’s wired?  She berates him for drawing anime girls yet, in this world he would actually be drawing realistic woman dressed up as anime girl (I never understand the joke about people making fun of students who draw anime charterers in these kinds of shows).

This anime feels like it would have been way more suited for 15  minute episodes with how bare-bones the show is.

Haikyu!!ending (reaction)


T-T no thanks season 2.

You know an episode has dragged on when you actually start looking up what is the normal time length of real volleyball match!  I also had to look up just how many timeouts you could legally have during a tournament (I don’t even watch volleyball I and thought they were taking the micky).

*O_o I’m only highlighting this because the show talks about the rules of volleyball in great detail.*

My biggest problem with this anime is that the characters *who were district and colourful* who didn’t really feel….how can I put this? It didn’t feel like they had lives/problems outside the court . If you clear all the characters of their problem you are in a way developing them as people however, at the same time you are removing the part that makes the person interesting or in some cases endearing.

I know the show primarily concentrating on the volleyball, which is why when ever the focus is taken away from that I start drifting off (the characters are charming, they are just not that compelling).

Seeing as this is split into two season the company that animated must have not been 100% sure if this was going to pull in the money, I think this because the show clearly straight up continues into its second half (Many anime do this). *There is nothing more infuriating as an anime fan then watching a show that presumes it will get a second season.* 

This is one of the better sports anime I have seen.

Y_Y Finally got to play that bored game I ordered Months ago!

I’m going to be brave and straight out say what I was waiting for: “Tyrants of the Underdark.


T_T Do you want to know just how much of a geek I am?


The art work in the disks is from the D&D campaign book “Out of the Abyss” (slightly altered). Why is this a problem? 

This image only makes sense if you read the book “legend of drizzt archmage”.

O_O When this game starts to age that bland chair is really going confuse players.

*I know where most of the art work has been recycled from.*

^_^ The game functions really well and I’m glad after such a long wait I finally got to play it.



Amanchu! first impression


Why did I stop watching this mid episode? 1 minute in: I’m so bored!

I’m not really sure what this anime was trying to achieve? It has a relaxing tone and feel that lulls you into a relax state of being only to hurl you at a brick wall when you least expect.

What was the story of this episode? Answer: Girls went to school.

Look at that girls face!  It makes no sense seeing as this show is clearly not trying to go for wacky over the top comedy.  You could easily get an expression on a characters face without having to take the viewer away from the tone of the world the show is trying to set up.

  *The joke shouldn’t look that out of place.*

I have no idea where the show plans to go with the set-up of: green haired, strange scuba girl and shy girl missing her friends.

^_^ I’m back!

Two long weeks away!

We had to get off at an airport in Denmark (Copenhagen) before we could travel to Sweden.

T_o It was really interesting to see a different land and finally meet DB’s dad along with one of his aunts.

I feel mentally refreshed and more then ready to restart work!

^_^ Back 25th

O_O It’s been a long chaotic month for me and I’m really looking forward to going on my first holiday outside of this island.

I will be gone for two week.

no post have been set thanks to the madness that has been going on.

Hope you all have a good 2 weeks!

Lost a job and I feel happy.

Think I lost it under odd circumstances however, I’m so happy to no long have to go there!

This job was the one making me really ill and unable to find the energy to do anything I found fun anymore (I spent most of my time sleeping).

O_O The shop made it clear they did not want me anymore and that someone ells wanted my job (intimidated me to leave).

She didn’t need to do that.

I don’t want to be political however, can someone answer me this:

T-o Why can’t people get the UK’s name correct?

It’s called the “United kingdom of great Britain and northern Ireland”.

 I can understand saying “UK” or “Britain” but not England.

Is it because people associate Brexit  with st george (the flag of England)  which is seen as a symbol of racism? O_O Is that why people keep calling the UK England in so many news articles.

It’s getting to point where I feel that if I go into town and ask people “What is this uk’s full name?” a lot of them would not be able to answer.

When your trying to make a serious news post about the Referendum you should be able to get the countries name correct.

Sorry, its just something that has really been bugging me.