^_^ I’m back!

Here is a list of the loot I found!

^-o Magikarp hat

Anime Pokemon Pocket Monsters Magikarp Blue Gyarados  Pink Gyarados Plush Hat Cap Cute Doll Toys Cap Hat baby Luna (mlp pony)plush


2 Himouto! Umaru-chan capes (people are oddly calling it a cloak).


*I now understand why she wares it every time she comes home in the show. *

a book: Light of Darkness: Days of Reckoning

^_^ *I love getting to talk to writers (got it signed).*

4 comics *db’s has them.*

A pvc sonico model


Amnesia on blu-ray


I tried melon bread (that sold out fast).

*I only need to try dango now.*

and finally 1 green kimono.

T_T After my traumatic experience at this years con I will never go to a con with others people ever again (unless there self sufficient).



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