Amanchu! : I fell asleep 12 minutes in

The thing about slice of life anime is that you have to make and establish you charterers fast, if you don’t the show will not grab the interest of the viewers (you are dependent on there reaction to the world around them).

What did I get from this show?: one is kooky and the other is waiting for a text.

The only part that had me think was when long haired girl was standing on that rock. WHY!? She went to a low point behind a cliff standing towards to ocean to get a phone signal?????That and she was clearly intruding on private property.

Capture 1.PNG

Is pointing your phone to the ocean an  actually way to get a phone signal???

The other thing that really bothered me while watching this was that the faces they used to create a comical feel to the show, it did not match up with the tone to show had created with its character designs and the atmosphere being given off by its backgrounds/animation.






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  1. I felt the same way about Aria. Too slow for me and the facial expression are scary.

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