Amanchu! first impression


Why did I stop watching this mid episode? 1 minute in: I’m so bored!

I’m not really sure what this anime was trying to achieve? It has a relaxing tone and feel that lulls you into a relax state of being only to hurl you at a brick wall when you least expect.

What was the story of this episode? Answer: Girls went to school.

Look at that girls face!  It makes no sense seeing as this show is clearly not trying to go for wacky over the top comedy.  You could easily get an expression on a characters face without having to take the viewer away from the tone of the world the show is trying to set up.

  *The joke shouldn’t look that out of place.*

I have no idea where the show plans to go with the set-up of: green haired, strange scuba girl and shy girl missing her friends.


2 responses

  1. As you watch later on; the eyes seem out of place, makes them look cockeyed or having lazy eye.

    1. XD she dose it in this episode.

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