Haikyu!!ending (reaction)


T-T no thanks season 2.

You know an episode has dragged on when you actually start looking up what is the normal time length of real volleyball match!  I also had to look up just how many timeouts you could legally have during a tournament (I don’t even watch volleyball I and thought they were taking the micky).

*O_o I’m only highlighting this because the show talks about the rules of volleyball in great detail.*

My biggest problem with this anime is that the characters *who were district and colourful* who didn’t really feel….how can I put this? It didn’t feel like they had lives/problems outside the court . If you clear all the characters of their problem you are in a way developing them as people however, at the same time you are removing the part that makes the person interesting or in some cases endearing.

I know the show primarily concentrating on the volleyball, which is why when ever the focus is taken away from that I start drifting off (the characters are charming, they are just not that compelling).

Seeing as this is split into two season the company that animated must have not been 100% sure if this was going to pull in the money, I think this because the show clearly straight up continues into its second half (Many anime do this). *There is nothing more infuriating as an anime fan then watching a show that presumes it will get a second season.* 

This is one of the better sports anime I have seen.


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