The Morose Mononokean first impression


Why were the men in this show look like they belong in a mushy romance manga.

When I was attempting to do a mass of impression for the 2 week I was gone this anime was one of the two I chose to look at… wonder I stopped.

This is not a bad first episode, it’s just lacking something.

episode: A young lad finds that he has a spirit stuck on his back and searches for a way to get it off. He gets it off but now finds he is forced to payoff the huge bill by working for a man who seem to come from a different world. 

The episode moves really slowly with a conclusion that felt cute but oddly manipulative for no real reason. I think that’s the problem I have with this first episode, everything just feels off and out of place.

I have no idea why the men look like they belong in a boy love manga or why the pacing feels so dead lined (these kinds of shows tend to have lot of energy and interesting designs).

guess I’m a little interested to see where this show will go with it’s premise.



One response

  1. I’ve been enjoying this series but I think you are right in that it is lacking something. I’m still not sure what that something is and while I am still really intrigued, it is hard to really recommend at the moment.

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