ARGEVOLLEN 25% impression


Does this show stand out from all the other mecha anime? no.

Episode 6 is rushed! The episode is riddled with still frames, dialog has clearly been spliced together from different recordings and the episode doesn’t have any reason to exist!

Episode name: Run, Jamie!

O_O How can you make a full episode dedicated to someone walking through a wood!

Do you know what my biggest question was during this episode: Why did they send out the only person who can fix the mecha in only a helmet? You’re sending this woman out into a warzone! Everything this woman is wearing is completely wrong and not one person in this army has a problem with this.

Capture 1.PNG

I have no idea why she abandons the helmet?

The show is moving at a snail’s pace and it’s starting to get a little aggravating (who are they fighting again?).


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