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O_O What the ****! Sorry but WHAT!

Look at this thing! If the plan was to creep the hell out of me they sure achieved that!


Aooni the blue monster

MY love STORY!! midway impression


Cheer me up anime I need it!

 Honestly, cheer me up anime! The real world is depressing.

^_^ SWEET! this anime never fails to remind me of them cute moments normal couples share.

I’m happy that this anime hasn’t opted for the “thogh drama in halfway”route many shows take in order to create more plot for a 24 episode series.

These two characters have good chemistry creating entertaining outcomes no matter what scenario you place them in.

I know that the show is very basic in frame however, the huge level of warm charm it does manage to achieve is amazing.

I wish more romance anime could be as charming as this without having to make everyone over cute/sexy or overly dramatic.

sorry if the sentences are a little fragmented it’s getting late and my mood is getting very low. T_T Doesn’t help that I still can’t get in touch with a repair company my boss told me to contact (4 weeks of annoyance).

Computer problems

O_o Crunchy just doesn’t want to work for me tonight!

Wanted to watch “MY love STORY!!” while fighting with myself to finish  “akame ga kill”.  I’m going to try and kind up with the new season this time round.


Going thogh my depressive time of the month meaning I’m trying to avoid the news in order to not loose my mind (you guys don’t understand how lucky you are……but the again you have to put up with it).

DB doesn’t mind, he likes the fact it’s a consistent emotion (^_^ I love him).

DREAM FESTIVAL! first impression


^_^ YAY! an anime for woman that is not 100% trash.

In the world of anime aimed for woman your options for fan-service are very thin.  You can take in the splendor of Free!/Uta no☆Prince-sama or look at the glossy men in messy anime like diabolik lovers/amnesia (Ouran host club doesn’t count).

The anime is about a boy who is picked up by a guy randomly and is taken to a special building where people train to be idols.

*The anime set up the main premise really fast.*

The animation is cheap, the computer animation was not running on a high  enough frame rate and the and the voice actors seem to be struggling to emote with there voices, you would think this was there first time.

*looks it up*

O_O It was there first time! I guess if you want your first big brake go for an anime that is cheap…..excluding the cool head bopping music track and highly detailed concert scenes (looks out of place next to the rest of the show).

I don’t expect the anime studio to have much faith in an anime aimed to this demographic…..^_^ might as well cut your losses and get in some cheap young meat.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash first impression


That is a squiggly wall.

What is this show about? I don’t know!

A bunch of kids wake up with memory loss and are suddenly turned into random character classes from an RPG. It’s like waking up drunk one morning and finding you have signed up to the RPG club at your local game shop(character  sheet still in your hands while you slept).

I find that they are way too comfortable with accepting these magical rolls that has been place upon them….that and there memory loss is WAY too selective.

Were they magic fighters before? Why did they have to worry about dying if they had phones? Why can he remember what a phone is?

All the background in this anime are squiggly water coloured, this doesn’t compliment the foreground thanks to the block colour pallet most anime use to design characters.   In the first sense of the show the background looked like it was pained behind them and could not be interacted with in anyway.

Do you remember them shows that would have one object a different style when it was going to be destroyed, it’s like that.

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash:O_O WoW!

I would usually put this on squirrely mistake however, this to me is impressive.

Capture 6.PNG

Picture one

I just want you to have an idea of what the short are meant to look .

Capture 23.PNG

What the heck???

Behold the animators who do not understand prospective. 

Y_Y This all happened because someone was too lazy to draw a curved line.

Capture 2.PNG


Worry T_T *this has always bugged me.*

*Will be back to normal post tomorrow.*

O_o Is it normal for someone who is 24 to have limbal ring this dark in there eye?


It really creeps me out because I don’t see it in other people around my age.

Cover work! o-o

The only downside to doing cover work is that my blood sugar can drop because I’m over working while forgetting to eat and drink.

I have gotten a lot better at spotting when I’m hungry….but I still have to be reminded sometimes (I have to watch way too many things about my body during  day to day life).

Did 7 hours 30 minutes work.

It is only 2 days of extra work, life should be back to normal soon.

T_o This is getting silly

For the last 3-4 week I have been trying to get my machine fixed.

  1. text boss: he messages back saying call this number.
  2. call number: gives me loads of departments that you can’t hear because of bad audio.
  3. get department: sorry we can’t find your location.

T_T I hate the fact are village shares the same Postcode as a completely different place(it courses no end of problems) .  *The council said we are too far from the main town center meaning we have to share with the other town also just outside the main town centers radius ( what makes it more confusing is the the code says we are part of the main center… really confuse the postman).*

O_O No end of sat nav drivers have ended up lost in are village looking for a completely different town.

I have to get the locations special code (they better be able to help me after all this faff).

I have a question: What is an anime hipster???

“A person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.”

O_O Would’t a load of anime bloggers fall under this????

The answers I have been coming across is: “it’s knowing old obscure anime.” Really??? doesn’t that go ageist “A person who follows the latest trends.”.

“anime hipster hate mainstream anime.”

If you are a anime blogger it’s best if you avoid mainstream anime due to the many restrictions that come with it.

What restrictions you may ask:

  • Mainstream anime fan tend to not venture outside of the circle (they are dedicated to that anime).  To say anything bad about it would be like punching them right in the solar plexus while stealing there favorite sandwich. 

  • once you start posting you can’t stop (they only come for them post). *They can turn nasty if you don’t give them what they want.*

  • By bring up the name of a popular anime you are making yourself into a beacon for both good and bad fans.

If you are a blogger that likes to follow anime seasons like me then you know the amount of obscure anime you end up watching is horrendous! Sometimes when I have written up an impression I will go to google and look for other people thought; I have come up bone dry many occasions .

T-o Do anime bloggers who follow the seasons hipsters ??????

^_^ I never truly understood the idea of the word to begin with.