Akame ga Kill! 75% impression


That moment where the show lost itself. 

When this anime started the show was about a corrupt government abusing its power, by this point it’s about evil people doing evil things because…….there evil.

The idea of the night raider being vigilantes seems to have been thrown out the window just so Tatsumi can have long speeches of how they are good and the bad guys are evil. Personally I find the “good guy” reprehensible thanks to the emotionless way they kill a person and just walk off as if they just remembered to go buy some milk.

I cheered when Chelsea died! The way she kills people was disgustingly underhanded (I can’t cheer for that jerk).   Just because you call the character good does not mean they are incapable of doing actions that are just reprehensible.

I think the show might have spotted this problem and has decided to take the bad route to solve it: “If we make the bad guys worse the good guy won’t look bad in comparison.” The bad guys don’t seem to have any involvement with the original story in anyway by this point.

I just want this to end.


One response

  1. I recently started a rewatch of this show and am struggling to really get into it. I remember I didn’t like it all that much the first time but couldn’t remember why. I think you may have hit the nail on the head here though.

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