Hitorinoshita – The Outcast first impression


Pigeons are not scary!

XD This is bad!  ham-fisted exposition, poor sound mixing and animation that fluctuates in its badness.

*You know a show is going to be bad when you take one look at the character designs in the opening and have to look up who this animation studio is (couldn’t find much on them.)from what I could find on this is that Tencent Animation is Chinese…..that it,  Haoliners Animation League is a collection of  companies (they tend to make online cartoons). *

You get loads of still frame with just mouth flaps….that never sink.

Many characters stop talking with the mouths wide open! There was one point in this anime where an evil woman continued talking even thogh there was no dialog to over lay.

There was one transition scene  where I had to watch it multiple times because I could not stop laughing at how poorly timed the music was.  It was as if someone at the last second remembered that this moment was meant to be more dramatic so they turned the radio on.

This show is a perfect example of a bad directer.

  1.  poorly adapted to the visual medium.
  2. poor communication between the writers and the animators.
  3. concentrating too much on getting it close the original that you don’t spot the fact you’re telling to viewer the same information multiple times.

You’re adapting it to the visual medium, it’s up to your studio to find a style that you find comfortable and work the story around it (many anime rewrite stories so they have more depth than the original). As long as you keep to the core of the story and keep the original intended tone there is nothing wrong with changing it up in a way that make you feel more comfortable.


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  1. Omg I so agree. It is very bad! The characters suck. The story is lame. Glad someone agrees

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