Qualidea Code first impression


That was bad.

I have 5 words: what, who, when, where and why?

These are the 5 things this anime fails to do in its first episode.  I just spent 22 minutes watching an anime that showed me loads of shiny imagery pretending to be really important while putting in no substance. THIS IS THE ANIME EQUIVALENT OF JINGLING KEYS IN FRONT OF AN INFANT!

I know nothing of these people/I know nothing of this war.

Why are there so many children?

Who froze them?

When were the school rebuilt? Why were they rebuilt? How many people did they save if they can fill up many schools in different locations?

Who is the enemy?  Why are they attacking?

Where did they come from?

Why is there a rank system?

Why didn’t someone who fights for this team not understand how the point system worked?

What the heck is even happening?

The show is throwing all these different ideas at you but never stops for 5 seconds to explain anything to you. This has to be one of the worst first episodes I have ever watched!

Here is what I managed to gather from the show:

  • Some kind of alien apocalypse happened.
  • People were frozen and brought back to fight .
  • People have magical powers.
  • There is a point rank system .
  • The main character is a jerk.

Not what most people would call a story…..it’s not even what I would consider a premise (it’s just a melting pot with no real cohesion).



4 responses

  1. Who cares about details? The keys are shiny and make a nice sound 🙂

  2. Omg as you get into this anime it is just a mess

  3. I didn’t make it through the first episode. Once we hit the student council (or whatever it was) any interest I had in finding out what was going on went out the window.

    1. Lucky for me the internet was acting up forcing me to split the episode over 2 days.

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