sweetness & lightning first impression


Cooking rice is not that big of an achievement (even I can do it).

This anime is about a girl and her dad……that’s it.

It’s a cute anime that makes you feel upbeat happy from the energetic nature of the young girl while making you feel really sad at the same time for this poor single father trying to take care of her after the loss of his wife.

I don’t think the little girl knows that her mother is dead, that or she doesn’t understand that death means she is gone forever.  This clearly hurts that father deeply no matter what the answer might be (hope we learn how she died).

My biggest problem with this anime is that the background music feels like it’s in the foreground overpowering anything the characters are saying.  You might be saying: “Don’t you read the subtitles? Why would it matter if you can’t hear what they are saying?” I can’t focus on who is talking! Even if you are reading a sub you still need to be somewhat aware of whom the speech below belongs to.

*My word presser really wanted to use the word “whom” for some odd reason (it has never done that before).*


One response

  1. The mom died in a fire that started when she tried cooking some food for her family. What a twist!

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