Alderamin on the Sky first impression


This doesn’t feel like an anime.

This anime is about……er….I think there where a bunch of people that got stranded on an enemy island with a princess…oh, there are also little creatures people carry around.

The animation is very stilted with only the opening standing out.

The entire episode played out like a long scene from a stage play. At no point did this anime manage to pull me away from the idea that I was watching actors play the rolls of these characters in front of me.

I have never come across an anime like this before (I having nothing to compare it to).


2 responses

  1. Nope, it’s about them characters experiencing what it is to go and fight for their country. With Ikta being a womanising, lazy genius. Who hates the monarch. With Yatori (red head girl) being loyal to the monarch. Also she comes from a family that is well respected and has the dual sword style. Oh and she is the only one that can reign in Ikta, as they are childhood friends.

    1. T_o not really getting that from the first ep. diabolik lovers have a play like feel (it’s not a unown thing to happen).

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