Distracting dreams

For the last couple of months have been having the same dream, it has been perplexing me with its message.

I love dream decoding! I have just vivid dream that my own mind can remember ones from years ago. I think that’s just one of the downsides of having a brain that never shuts up.

The dream in question is:

I’m a young child again in primary school (about year 4).

We are trapped in the classroom unable to leave.

The teacher jabbers on in a made up language while pointing to a projector showing random videos.

I have also had one in high school where all the staircases are missing steps and the corridors are over packed with students.

There is one school dream that takes place in a magical school being carried on the back of two giant turtles. It has the same stair problem as the high school however, in these dreams I always get in trouble for being late for class or being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The only time I didn’t get in trouble in this kind of dream was when I saved two boys falling down a derelict stair case into a multidermatomal swimming pool below.

I can have many dreams in one night yet, these school ones stick out in my mind like a neon light.



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