ARGEVOLLEN midway impression


This is how I feel when a new mecha show turn up each season.

Do you know why I don’t like mecha anime?  They are mostly all the same!


I hope with all my heart each season that this year’s mecha will find its own identity and brake away from the bullet point list, but they rarely ever do.  Half the time it feels like they only make these shows to sell the latest model kit.

We got to the Midway point someone had to die in order for there to be tension and give the hero something to fight for. You always know these episodes are coming up because they always put an overly happy episode just before it.

I’m not attached to any of these characters, nor do I feel emotionally invoked watching moment that are meant to be making me feel sad (you can tell because it has randomly started raining).

I wish more effort would be put into this genre.

p p.PNG

Check out the size of his weapon!


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