I have a question: What is an anime hipster???

“A person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream.”

O_O Would’t a load of anime bloggers fall under this????

The answers I have been coming across is: “it’s knowing old obscure anime.” Really??? doesn’t that go ageist “A person who follows the latest trends.”.

“anime hipster hate mainstream anime.”

If you are a anime blogger it’s best if you avoid mainstream anime due to the many restrictions that come with it.

What restrictions you may ask:

  • Mainstream anime fan tend to not venture outside of the circle (they are dedicated to that anime).  To say anything bad about it would be like punching them right in the solar plexus while stealing there favorite sandwich. 

  • once you start posting you can’t stop (they only come for them post). *They can turn nasty if you don’t give them what they want.*

  • By bring up the name of a popular anime you are making yourself into a beacon for both good and bad fans.

If you are a blogger that likes to follow anime seasons like me then you know the amount of obscure anime you end up watching is horrendous! Sometimes when I have written up an impression I will go to google and look for other people thought; I have come up bone dry many occasions .

T-o Do anime bloggers who follow the seasons hipsters ??????

^_^ I never truly understood the idea of the word to begin with.


10 responses

  1. I follow the seasons and I’d be hard pressed to think of myself as a hipster about anything. 😀

    1. If you like an anime the mainstream doesn’t know then you’re a hipster. O_O It makes no sense.

      1. I guess I am then… 😀

  2. I think following the season is just fine, as long as its not among those big popular Shonen anime which I considered mainstream.I myself slightly a bit anime hipster in that I don’t really watch popular anime unless I am interested in them, like I think I only watch 3-4 anime series this past season. New Game!, Re-Zero, Rewrite and LL:Sunshine >_>;

    Genre the anime blogger prefer to post is more important than how mainstream the anime is. Currently re-watching XENOGLOSIA as I am playing Idolmaster SP

    Would I also considered anime hipster for waiting 4 years for Rewrite visual novel turned anime and then get disappointed with how much details the animation lacks of?

    1. You would be considered a geek (specialized in a particular topic).

      O_O Before you complain about anime adaptions remember this: At least they didn’t change the genre from disturbing horror too an ugly cheap chibi comedy. *litchi light club warning: manga contains disturbing imagery*
      U_U That hurt man, that hurt bad!


  3. I don’t really mind that much really since Little Busters! also had same problem. at least finally Rewrite adapted to animation.

    I never watch Lychee LIght Club, maybe I’ll take a look lol.

    1. TT_TT It only got 8 episodes (3 minutes each).

    2. p.s. warning you will be lost when watching because it heavily relies on you knowing the source material (a lot of the joke make no sense….o-o even when you know what the joke was referring to).

      1. I read a chapter of the manga and I changed my mind. 😛

      2. don’t worry, the anime is nothing like the manga (now that you read one chapter you will see why it’s so bad).

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