T_o This is getting silly

For the last 3-4 week I have been trying to get my machine fixed.

  1. text boss: he messages back saying call this number.
  2. call number: gives me loads of departments that you can’t hear because of bad audio.
  3. get department: sorry we can’t find your location.

T_T I hate the fact are village shares the same Postcode as a completely different place(it courses no end of problems) .  *The council said we are too far from the main town center meaning we have to share with the other town also just outside the main town centers radius ( what makes it more confusing is the the code says we are part of the main center…..it really confuse the postman).*

O_O No end of sat nav drivers have ended up lost in are village looking for a completely different town.

I have to get the locations special code (they better be able to help me after all this faff).


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