Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash first impression


That is a squiggly wall.

What is this show about? I don’t know!

A bunch of kids wake up with memory loss and are suddenly turned into random character classes from an RPG. It’s like waking up drunk one morning and finding you have signed up to the RPG club at your local game shop(character  sheet still in your hands while you slept).

I find that they are way too comfortable with accepting these magical rolls that has been place upon them….that and there memory loss is WAY too selective.

Were they magic fighters before? Why did they have to worry about dying if they had phones? Why can he remember what a phone is?

All the background in this anime are squiggly water coloured, this doesn’t compliment the foreground thanks to the block colour pallet most anime use to design characters.   In the first sense of the show the background looked like it was pained behind them and could not be interacted with in anyway.

Do you remember them shows that would have one object a different style when it was going to be destroyed, it’s like that.


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