DREAM FESTIVAL! first impression


^_^ YAY! an anime for woman that is not 100% trash.

In the world of anime aimed for woman your options for fan-service are very thin.  You can take in the splendor of Free!/Uta no☆Prince-sama or look at the glossy men in messy anime like diabolik lovers/amnesia (Ouran host club doesn’t count).

The anime is about a boy who is picked up by a guy randomly and is taken to a special building where people train to be idols.

*The anime set up the main premise really fast.*

The animation is cheap, the computer animation was not running on a high  enough frame rate and the and the voice actors seem to be struggling to emote with there voices, you would think this was there first time.

*looks it up*

O_O It was there first time! I guess if you want your first big brake go for an anime that is cheap…..excluding the cool head bopping music track and highly detailed concert scenes (looks out of place next to the rest of the show).

I don’t expect the anime studio to have much faith in an anime aimed to this demographic…..^_^ might as well cut your losses and get in some cheap young meat.


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