Computer problems

O_o Crunchy just doesn’t want to work for me tonight!

Wanted to watch “MY love STORY!!” while fighting with myself to finish  “akame ga kill”.  I’m going to try and kind up with the new season this time round.


Going thogh my depressive time of the month meaning I’m trying to avoid the news in order to not loose my mind (you guys don’t understand how lucky you are……but the again you have to put up with it).

DB doesn’t mind, he likes the fact it’s a consistent emotion (^_^ I love him).


2 responses

  1. I am forcing myself to finish Akame Ga Kill. The action is decent, but the character deaths have lost all impact at this point.

    1. O_O I watched to “good guy” snap someones neck with wire! There is also too many moments were characters should have died.

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