MY love STORY!! midway impression


Cheer me up anime I need it!

 Honestly, cheer me up anime! The real world is depressing.

^_^ SWEET! this anime never fails to remind me of them cute moments normal couples share.

I’m happy that this anime hasn’t opted for the “thogh drama in halfway”route many shows take in order to create more plot for a 24 episode series.

These two characters have good chemistry creating entertaining outcomes no matter what scenario you place them in.

I know that the show is very basic in frame however, the huge level of warm charm it does manage to achieve is amazing.

I wish more romance anime could be as charming as this without having to make everyone over cute/sexy or overly dramatic.

sorry if the sentences are a little fragmented it’s getting late and my mood is getting very low. T_T Doesn’t help that I still can’t get in touch with a repair company my boss told me to contact (4 weeks of annoyance).


One response

  1. I am currently watching Orange, which has its share of romantic moments. Perhaps I should check this out as it seems cute (and gives ugly people like me hope when it comes to love haha.)

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