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What a simple yet complex question?

I have now had two people ask me to take part in the current fun award going around.

  The Versatile Blogger Award


  1. Display Award.
  2. Thank the person who gave this award (and include a link to their blog.)
  3. Share seven things about yourself.
  4. Nominate ten bloggers.

Here is the reason why I have not done it…….yet.

I don’t really know myself.

T-o Only in the last 7 years have I been allowed to explore my own emotions and figure out what I like and dislike (I was forced in having anime/manga as a hobby).

My high school was so controlling when it came to dictating what I should be feeling that I had a nervous breakdown at age 15 (you are not allowed to feel the emotion of sadness).

It’s really hard to talk about someone you don’t really know.

Drifters first impression


Manly men doing manly things.

This anime is about…..I don’t know???? It start off in a war that leads to the main character dyeing and being sent to a reception desk that leads him to a different world  where other people from different moments in time gathered or maybe hiding from an unraveled organisation.

The episode was very stylized with a loads of experimental drawing styles attempting to cover over the stilted animation.

I don’t know where this anime is set??? I know it’s not the real world because there are elf like creatures inhabiting it.


I love how much emotion one can express thogh having long ears. 

Is it just me or does this charterer design look way too close to “attack on titan”.


I thought he was from the USA at first glance (they did say the western armies were invading). 

Got skyrim on xbox one

I love skyrim.

T-o  On my ps3 version of the game it would Freeze constantly! How were you meant to play the game when it crashed every time you entered very specific parts of the map?

The xbox 360 version had many graphic glitches that would ether fail to load textures or drop a dragon skeleton on your head.

*At least the 360 vision allowed you to play the game!*

It will be fun being able to play the game on a console that can run it stably.

Here is something I don’t get: in the UK the game cost £35, yet in the USA is cost about $60….What? You guys are getting ripped off.

To give you an idea of how cheap this game is $6o at the moment converts into £50.

XD Did anyone else spot how many different age ratings this game has?

16+12+ –  2 say 18+…….what is it? Pegi says 18+ but the ratings written on the disk are having a full out war with each-other.

I do love taking the mick out of this game.

*DB designing the character (he’s a Khajiit called Birt).*

NPC: “What is your name?”

Me: “So the man watches on as this creature  morphs before him.”

I can play skyrim along side DB with no issues.

XD Might get it for myself when the Nintendo switch comes out.

bug problem

some people get moth’s

other people get fly’s

Why do I get ladybirds fly before my eyes.

on that note why does the same bee fly into my room every Tuesday at 2pm?


*Oddly ladybirds have a habit of turning up in my bedroom during the autumn.*

O_o Since I gave the wolf spider (who used to live in the bush) a little bit of biscuit she has been living outside my window.  I think she likes the dry warmth that comes from living under the guttering….that and she catches more food up there.

I just wish she would stop making new webs each time I open the window (I need to shut it girl!).

^-o I did see another wolf spider across the road, I wonder if she is pregnant? Wolf spiders make awesome mums (They carry all there spiderlings on there abdomen).

2 more days

I love doing cover work, but it sure takes a lot out of you.

*Saturday will be an easier day because I don’t do my night job.*

Think I’m starting to remember why I dislikes doing two jobs in the morning for a full year, you end up coming home with a little free time and waste it all sleeping in bed.

How the heck did I manage to do that for a full year!

T-o  On a lighter note the window cleaner almost fell off his ladder laughing because he  saw me sitting in my bedroom with my “Himouto! Umaru-chan”  cape on.

XD I have no problem with see me wearing a hamster cape…..O_O but catching me rocking out the eurovision is one step to far on the embarrassment scale (happened last week with another window cleaner).

Would you like to meet Cornelius?

I’m having an exhausting week! I forgot how much energy having 4 jobs takes out of you.

^_^ After telling DB about Choco today he brought up Cornelius my Chespin plush.


Cornelius Pricklbottom

XD When me and DB went to a Con for the second time we were just starting to learn how to budget are money for this Kind of event.

DB”Don’t spend right-away.”

me: “Ok.”

*Walks into the main hall.*


DB: *facepalm.*

If anyone is wondering why I call him Cornelius it’s because my starter Pokemon in Y was a Chespin of same name (I have a habit of giving my Pokemon really odd names).

Panic and dread: where are you Choco?!

When I’m traveling around I keep a plush chococat in my bag.

chco soul-1

^_^ He reminds me to stay calm and not to be scared when traveling to unknown places (one look at Choco can relax me).

*DB has his brother of the same set keroppi (it’s a way of being together when we can’t see each-other).*  

Imagine my shock when I looked into the bag a and little Choco was not there! I felt sick to my stomach thinking anything bad could have happened to him, until me head began to reason with me.

  “He is probably in your other bag, don’t worry.”

I finished all my extra jobs and made my way home where the first thing I did was go to find choco. My head was right, he was sitting in my other bag with his little green backpack on perfectly safe.

O_O Even DB would be in shock if I told him anything bad had come to Choco (The reason I gave him keroppi was because he liked how I had a little travel companion).

I’m fantasizing more, I’m so happy.

For a long time now my head has been blank.

O_o For while I have not had one dream! I think the lack of anything simulating did a number on my head leaving me a little depressed.

I think a lot of the problems I’m having with a lot of anime is that its just not simulating my head enough. What is there to say about shows that plays so safely by the books.

Think I might take a personal challenge to write 500 words a day  (One of my life goals is to write a book).

^_^ extra hours of work!

Just got a text from my managers to do 18 hours of cover work next week for £10 an hour.

Guess one of the bright-sides too loosing one of my main places is that it frees me up the cover 2 places in one week.

The better I clean the more places that will request or be recommend me.

*The benefit of coming from a family of cleaners.*

Girlish number impression

Capture 4.PNG

I have a bone to pick with the anime.

This is anime is about a new voice actress trying to become popular…’s not that interesting.

The pacing is really slow and when the show does decide to move you realize just how mean spirited this anime is.  My problem with the taking this road is that the bitchiness between the girls transcend the show and starts sounding like one angry persons commentary on how the world works.


Who cares about the story in a novel when there are pretty pictures.

I would of passed this as a bad joke if she did not follow with this:


Capture 3.PNG

  1. You contradicted yourself.
  2. most singers don’t compose/write there own songs.
  3. This anime just called all novel writers dirty scum.

*The guy was even depicted as a fat, creepy, greasy skinned lowlife.*

I don’t know if cultural thing however, I personally found it to be very  cringeworthy.