The Galaxy Railways: A Letter from the Abandoned Planet: ^-o half impression



My parents have gone to wales for the weekend meaning that I and DB could use the Wii U at mine to watch some anime. After flicking though the crunchy catalog we ended up watching this really old looking anime about trains in space filled with character designs that look like they came from the 70 and music that is just as dated.


Is that you Vivi?

*Sometimes it’s only old anime that can really push the boundaries of anime logic.*

Would you believe me is I told you this 4 episode anime came out in 2006? I’m stunned that something like this could have come out one year before Lucky☆Star.

I’m not really sure what the plot/story is? There are train police, a bad guy who live in a gravity deifying castle and illusions destroying public trains.

^_^ I can’t dislike this anime, its extremely cool on concept alone.


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