Magical Girl Raising Project

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When the only way to describe your show is “magical girl” you have a problem.

When someone says magical girl to me I think:repetitive morals being forced down your throat while someone tries to sell you stuff.

 *Look at the amount of merchandise surrounding sailor moon (you can even get sanitary towels).*

This anime is about a phone app * cough, cough yuki yuna is a hero*  that turns children into there magical avatars.  Why? I don’t know, the little creature just tells her “Your a magical girl now……would you like to meet others?”

I’m going to say this girl is about 12 years old.

O_O Stranger danger! I understand her pressing the button and I understand her love of magical girl at that age however, at no point should you meet up with people you don’t know in a secluded place where anything bad could happen to you.

The over use of moe naivety in this anime is sickening, specially seeing as we the audience already know what is going to happen to them.


These character designs look creepy! There is just something off about there faces that is really uninstalling (I think the eyes are not level).


2 responses

  1. Common sense is definitely not part of the foundation of the story being written here. That said, I’m kind of wanting to see what they do next so I’m probably going to watch another episode or two before deciding on this one.

    1. ^_o The 3 episode rule.

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