O_O Er….well that’s a thing. Gakuen Handsome


I feel that you have to watch this in order to believe it exists.

It’s trying to be a parody of boy love…..how many boy love anime are there to warrant this?  How many anime fans know the tropes one will come across in a boy love manga? It’s like making a demon love parody……No, because at least people would have books like twilight to reference.

Is calling it a parody an excuse for it to be this cheap? ouran highschool host club is a parody of reverse harem and it managed to explain all the tropes too those who were uninitiated and still looks good in the process.

What was the studio thinking when they made this?


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  1. You’d actually be surprised how many yaoi and shounen-ai titles are out there in the realm of anime, manga and visual novels. And while I only dabble in this sub-genre, there is a pretty sizable community for such a thing, and they do have certain tropes that are specific to them. If I can manage to think of some off the top of my head, you have the ‘uke’ characters who are more submissive and usually girly, commonly comic relief, the seme characters who are usually dominant and stoic bishies, there’s usually someone famous like an actor or a rock star in the mix somewhere, and of course, the complete and utter melodrama.

    But yeah I can’t see why this is really good parody material. I mean, when you get down to it, shounen-ai and yaoi are really just typical romance stories just between guys with a few different tropes thrown in. Definitely wouldn’t be my first pick of parody material. And yeah, if you’re going to make a specific parody like this, you have to have some manner of explaining the tropes being spoofed instead of just expecting the audience to get them all. Ouran High School Host Club, as you mentioned, is a good example. They were able to explain the tropes without shoving exposition in our faces.

    Is that really a screenshot of the show? I only saw a small poster for it on an anime website before. That is depressingly cheap if it is. 0.o I’ve seen fanart by 8 year olds that looks more professionally done.

    1. anime wise on cruchyroll there is not many examples of boy love (many anime fans are not manga readers).
      There might be a group of fans out there however, they are not on cruchyroll (why did they licences this).
      I was in a manga club filled with woman, I know what yaoi is (it’s tricky to get hold of without going thogh shifty means).

      XD It is real screen shot (it gets worse then that).

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