Show By Rock!!# first impression


The show switches between these two styles.

The show is about studio bones gathering a bunch of talented people and telling them: “Have fun.”

The show takes place on a music planet that is filled with loads of humans crossed with animals….that can turn into semi human looking people  ……. I think? O_O it’s hard to tell when everyone ells in this world is a chibi.


Everyone has a music crystal soul stone that…….er…..the bad guys can hurt them with it (I have no idea what they do).


I have no idea what kind of story this anime was trying to set up and I don’t think we are really meant to care about it. The show is clearly just an excuse to have loads of musics videos/have visual fun with the medium.

XD At the end of the anime a giant robot shows up to take a girl to a different location. The reason this is funny is because they could have cut the robot out entirely and just said the star ported her back (I just see a staff member going: “I’m good at deigning robots!”).

I want to see more!


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