Poco’s Udon World first impression


Good thing parents keep cloths from when you were little????

This is about a guy who comes back from Tokyo to kind a little girl hiding in his deceased fathers old rundown noodle shop.

I have one question: How long has it been since his parents died?  I ask this because everyone in town is acting as if the restaurant only closed yesterday!

O_O Who wants to eat in a rundown noodle restaurant covered in dust with a sign that makes the place look derelict?

People: The shop is closed? When will it be open again?

T_T . . .

People:  “I came here on my extremely short lunch break to this derelict noodle bar wanting food guy clearly leaving the restaurant.”

Y-Y That would be rude even if the shop was open.

People: “I want to eat noodles”

Leave the man alone!

The people in the area are just so obsessed about noodle and this shop it detracts me from the cuteness of the interaction between the two main characters.


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