Girlish number impression

Capture 4.PNG

I have a bone to pick with the anime.

This is anime is about a new voice actress trying to become popular…’s not that interesting.

The pacing is really slow and when the show does decide to move you realize just how mean spirited this anime is.  My problem with the taking this road is that the bitchiness between the girls transcend the show and starts sounding like one angry persons commentary on how the world works.


Who cares about the story in a novel when there are pretty pictures.

I would of passed this as a bad joke if she did not follow with this:


Capture 3.PNG

  1. You contradicted yourself.
  2. most singers don’t compose/write there own songs.
  3. This anime just called all novel writers dirty scum.

*The guy was even depicted as a fat, creepy, greasy skinned lowlife.*

I don’t know if cultural thing however, I personally found it to be very  cringeworthy.

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