Panic and dread: where are you Choco?!

When I’m traveling around I keep a plush chococat in my bag.

chco soul-1

^_^ He reminds me to stay calm and not to be scared when traveling to unknown places (one look at Choco can relax me).

*DB has his brother of the same set keroppi (it’s a way of being together when we can’t see each-other).*  

Imagine my shock when I looked into the bag a and little Choco was not there! I felt sick to my stomach thinking anything bad could have happened to him, until me head began to reason with me.

  “He is probably in your other bag, don’t worry.”

I finished all my extra jobs and made my way home where the first thing I did was go to find choco. My head was right, he was sitting in my other bag with his little green backpack on perfectly safe.

O_O Even DB would be in shock if I told him anything bad had come to Choco (The reason I gave him keroppi was because he liked how I had a little travel companion).

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