bug problem

some people get moth’s

other people get fly’s

Why do I get ladybirds fly before my eyes.

on that note why does the same bee fly into my room every Tuesday at 2pm?


*Oddly ladybirds have a habit of turning up in my bedroom during the autumn.*

O_o Since I gave the wolf spider (who used to live in the bush) a little bit of biscuit she has been living outside my window.  I think she likes the dry warmth that comes from living under the guttering….that and she catches more food up there.

I just wish she would stop making new webs each time I open the window (I need to shut it girl!).

^-o I did see another wolf spider across the road, I wonder if she is pregnant? Wolf spiders make awesome mums (They carry all there spiderlings on there abdomen).


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