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My boyfriend wants to see…Moomin’s?

I’m a village girl, in fact I live in a valley.

DB: “Can we go to London next year?”

ICY: “Why?”

DB: “There is going to be a Moomin exhibition!”

I have been to London before (it has now been trumped by my trip to Denmark and Sweden).

I always miss the night sky when I go there and the ability to drink the water (even when heated up I still get ill).  Y_O I don’t know if we would even have the money to go down there in October next year?

Feel ill

My head hurts, saw throat, my body is stiff and my spin is sending down jolts of pain.

T_T guess I’m also a little down thanks to the village I live in is now in the death zone. They are closing down are closest A and E along with getting rid of the ambulance service and pharmacy’s.

It’s going to come to the point that everyone will have the go south in order to find a hospital.

 *Behold a valley with the population of a city with only one ambulance.*

FLIP FLAPPERS first impression


What did I just watch?

What happen:??????? She met a girl, went to a different world, gained powers, found shiny thing and got kidnapped.

Can I really call these two characters?  They are so bland and one note that I instantly forget about who and what they look like seconds after seeing an image of them.

The visuals were nice…not fantastic, just nice.

I’m interested in watching this anime as a chill out show, but I don’t think it will be memorable in any way (it would have to do something amazing in  order to make up for this first episode).

crunchyroll is down

*Bangs head against wall.* I was in the mood to watch something!

Capture copy.jpg

^_^ I forgive you cute kitty!

Back….but not sure if i’m better yet.

For a week now I have lost pleasure in a lot of the things that would usually make me happy.

I have even been sleeping away days due to a lack of will to do anything.

^-o Lucky for me I would never miss a day of work.

*I can go missing and my mother would just say “I will meet her at work.” *

Y_Y One of the reason I write this blog is to keep my head focused!  I need to take advantage of that.

Not going to blog for a week

T_T I just don’t feel up to it.

There is something eating away at the back of my mind that I just can’t solve! If I allow my mind to wonder without a set plan for a week it might find the thing that is zapping the joy from me.

Politically the county is a mess and i’m asking myself a lot questions that I do not want myself to post about on this blog (you don’t want to make the wrong move).

I will be back 17th October.

I just want to sit back and play some chess.

Poco’s Udon World first impression


Good thing parents keep cloths from when you were little????

This is about a guy who comes back from Tokyo to kind a little girl hiding in his deceased fathers old rundown noodle shop.

I have one question: How long has it been since his parents died?  I ask this because everyone in town is acting as if the restaurant only closed yesterday!

O_O Who wants to eat in a rundown noodle restaurant covered in dust with a sign that makes the place look derelict?

People: The shop is closed? When will it be open again?

T_T . . .

People:  “I came here on my extremely short lunch break to this derelict noodle bar wanting food guy clearly leaving the restaurant.”

Y-Y That would be rude even if the shop was open.

People: “I want to eat noodles”

Leave the man alone!

The people in the area are just so obsessed about noodle and this shop it detracts me from the cuteness of the interaction between the two main characters.

I forgot again!

I had to go out for a curry to calibrate a birthday (It’s one of the only times I get to meet DB’s family).

Not much happened today, me and DB just hung around his house playing bored games to pass the time…..that and talk extensively about news articles (it makes for a good confiscation starter).

XD I’m glad that I got to use the classic line about books when his mother asked me about what I read:

DB’s mum :”what was the book about?”

me: “200 pages too long.”

Y_Y DB knows that if I meet that author again I will tell him what I thought of his book.

Show By Rock!!# first impression


The show switches between these two styles.

The show is about studio bones gathering a bunch of talented people and telling them: “Have fun.”

The show takes place on a music planet that is filled with loads of humans crossed with animals….that can turn into semi human looking people  ……. I think? O_O it’s hard to tell when everyone ells in this world is a chibi.


Everyone has a music crystal soul stone that…….er…..the bad guys can hurt them with it (I have no idea what they do).


I have no idea what kind of story this anime was trying to set up and I don’t think we are really meant to care about it. The show is clearly just an excuse to have loads of musics videos/have visual fun with the medium.

XD At the end of the anime a giant robot shows up to take a girl to a different location. The reason this is funny is because they could have cut the robot out entirely and just said the star ported her back (I just see a staff member going: “I’m good at deigning robots!”).

I want to see more!

Forgot I had to go out.

T_T I would have watched my anime earlier  if I had remembered that I was going to start working 1 hour earlier.

Works took everyone out for dinner in order to congratulate a really good inspection.

Good thing I work with my mother or these events would be super uncomfortable (O_O just stair dead eyed into the person in front of you).

Getting someone to say hello to me when I go to work is a fantastic congratulations (thanks for acknowledging I exist).