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Saint Seiya – Soul of Gold o-o problem ???


What is going on???

Turns out this is the midway in a series……which is advertised as it’s own series?????

O_O Why is this its own series!  Doesn’t this just confuse people  who are trying to watch the anime on crunchyroll??? Why split a story into two different shows?????

This is the first time I have ever come across nonsense on this level.


I have no time for shows that require me research what order the series should be watched in before staring(too much faff).

ReLIFE midway impression


I’m starting to spot a problem with the project.

What is Arata learning in this school that is meant to improve his 27 year old NEET (not in education, employment or training) life?  I thought he had stopped drinking and smoking until episode 6 proved that wasn’t the case. How is he buying the beer and cigarettes??? You can’t call it a nit pick because the show spotlighted that very point in an earlier episode.

The plot twist wasn’t really a twist seeing as it was so obvious who ells was taking the pills to make them look younger.

The second half of the twist raises more questions then confirms suspicions:

Why has Ooga been going to this school for 2 years if he is a grown man? The subjects only get a year in the program and at the end everyone’s mind is erased (Did he want to be on a school council that bad?).

This woman who is an employee of the project has been doing nothing but hindering his progress on the project……what was her point again?  It would make so much more sense if she was another NEET on the program.

I’m not sure how to feel about this anime???? The main story is a mess yet, when the anime is ignoring the relife project it manages to hit real emotional/humorous heights.

Should I look at the project as a bounce bored for the school interactions or should I look at it as the by-product that is unfortunately being dragged down by an underdeveloped premise.

one more day

I’m sorry but my thoughts on ReLIFE and my normal anime flow have to wait just one more day.

My stomach has decided it hates me and it  wants to make my life hard.

until then here is one of my favorite cover songs.

I tried!

Got 2,000 words!

Along with a painful headache!

I had to get up from my computer 3 times to stand outside in the cold rubbing my forehead, doing some basic stretches and pouring water on my eyes to stop them from stinging.

^_o At least I managed to get myself up on a Sunday morning along with not falling asleep while writing.

I will get to write on the laptop tomorrow (I find it a lot more easier to write on that then the computer that sit at the bottom of my bed).

o-o I don’t know whether I will be able to get it done by the Wednesday.

I will get back to anime tomorrow.

Y_Y I will write a story!

Just like my mother I determined to write one long story just to prove to myself that I can.

*Poor DB has to read through my odd spelling/grammar mistakes (I have problems with homophones)*

Thanks to my schools money laundering scheme I was not given the proper support to learn English language or  literature (I was in the classes where we would have to to hunt down are teachers because they could not be bothered to show up).

In order to hide the bad grades my high school didn’t allow us to take many classes as the C-A group, we were also forced to combine English language or  literature into one grade.

You can’t say I didn’t try to get high grades, for unlike many other students with low grades I got a certificate congratulating me for getting anything (I was going loopy).


Lucky for me a lot of students got into college on a glitch meaning they had to make a new course for us.

The college supported me well and allowed me to study in a comfortable environment (got my C in English language).

*I finished art college with a D*DD (I was personally congratulated by indicator for completing all my paperwork). unfortunately university’s cost too much and the courses I wanted were too faraway.* 


I respect anyone who has the discipline to sit at a computer and write a long story created from the thoughts in the back of there minds (The book might be the worst on the planet, yet I will still be impressed by how you manged to not get distracted while writing).

Y-Y DB Has dared me to write a short story In 3 days!

I won’t be able to choose what decorations go on the tree if I fail to hand in anything (my little glass squirrel ornament will makes it’s way onto them branches).

Got Pokemon moon

The only big problem I’m having with it on my 3DS is that it takes a long time to reload the game after an encounter (you get music while you stare at a black screen).


Popplio – Gaia

Pikipek – Samuel

Caterpie – Butters

Yungoos – Ivana

Ledyba – Croc

^-o  The shop I got the game from gave me a Lunala key-chain for free.


Triage X first impression


Sentient steam always triumphs over T&A.

This anime is drenched in masculinity.

I think the show is about a group of assassins….that’s it, nothing ells was established.

  • You have your motor bikes
  • Huge jiggly boobs
  • Pointless shower shots
  •  Explosions
  • S&M
  • Computer generated guns

There is even a backstory about a guy whose friend died in a terrorist attack only to have his mad doctor father take his friend’s body-parts in order to rebuild him (good thing Is organs were ok).

O_O This is so pandering I don’t know what to make of it.

Capture 1.PNG

You can’t show a woman’s butt yet, you can show a man’s butt (poor guy has no willy, just an endless black-hole between his legs).

Can’t focus U-Uzzzzz

For some reason my head has been hurting today along with sending me to sleep when I don’t desire to.

I wonder if my body is trying to fight off a cold (my body hate the winter).

^-o  Maybe I need to remember to warp up warmer when I’m emptying the bins at work on a rainy/snowy day.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Drop

I first put this anime to the side because it was very popular at the time and I didn’t want to drop it just in case my views on the shows main plot changed.

I rewatched it…..And I still don’t feel comfortable with it.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? my answer: Yes, it is wrong to pick up girl in a dungeon to have as a personal trophies.

I can’t stand his attitude!

The first episode left a bad taste in my mouth the first and it didn’t go away the second time I tried (couldn’t even get to the end).  *spiked thogh the rest.*

Might re-watch this with DB one day, but for now it’s going in the trash.


Plastic Memories midway impression


Talk about a bored meeting.

*This anime is about androids with expiry dates.*

I want to ask an ethical question: Is it right to create androids with human awareness that can only live about 9 years? Other humans can’t tell they are androids by sight, nor can they tell by their speech patterns or movements.

O_O We are in uncanny valley territory!

Once they reach expiry time they go nuts and try to kill people (Why did they keep making them once they found that out?).

*I like to look at the life of these androids as an analogy for how bad modern battery life has become.*

The anime would have been a lot better if it concentrated more on the androids deteriorating over time and not instantly once the clock is done. I can’t get my head past how evil the programmer had to be to make them that way (how would you feel knowing what day you were going to die from the moment you were born).

I can’t get into the romance because I too busy being distracted by how messed up this is.