Y_Y in bad mood

Been trying to watch “Occultic;Nine” but i’m just not in the mood.

*We had our snow.*

I was walking home from work today when I heard some woman talking about how Trump is now president.

woman 1: “Can’t they just have a second referendum.”

woman 2: “There senators won’t allow him in.”

Y_Y I want to bang these peoples heads together!

5 responses

  1. Eh? his party won in a sweep – no rep of Democrats in house of congress / senate. So of course they’ll let him in. How he does in the next 4 years will depend. British politics is different to that of US politics. The PM can be elected many times, so long he is the party leader. The Prez only has 2 terms in office.

    1. Y_Y That’s why I wanted to bang there heads together!
      Don’t like the results of a vote? don’t worry just change it because you know best.

      I’m also getting annoyed with how many people are getting a democracy confused with a oligarchy.

      Y_Y I’m also sick of listening to Tony blair talk about how Theresa may was not voted in when he ran off leaving Gordon Brown in charge (sorry venting).

    2. Sorry, My finger slipped and I accidentally deleted the comment!

  2. The Otaku Judge | Reply

    Those women sound like people who are against Brexit.

    1. ^-o brex-it or how I pronounce it Bri-tix (like weetabix).

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