Saekano -How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend- Midway impression


I didn’t think a still image gave this odd moment justice.

*If anyone is looking for context: The animators panned down to her boobs for no reason and made them jiggle (it comes out of nowhere). *

This anime from episode 1-5 is not really that interesting a watch.  The show was bland, slow and lacking a tone outside of: “look at all the anime references! Don’t you love how he wants to turn this emotionless girl into his dream character?” Not really.

T_o The logic of the show is: “keep them bland, that way when you add emotion it hits hard.”

Do people in japan really read books where cardboard characters interact with no chemistry until the midway point? How is one meant to get any emotional impact from an underserved random shock moment? I’m not going: “That was a hard hitting scene” I’m more: “Where the heck did that come from????”

Episode 6 completely loses any form of creativity and ops for the paint by numbers anime pandering approach.  The juxtaposition between this episode and the first 5 is so drastic I can now understand why in episode 0 the girls sexually assaults him for fun…..and nobody speaks of it after.

Capture 1

T_T He has sex with his writer……which had no build up!

Girl: “We are friends”

Guy: “I want to make my game”

Girl: “let’s have sex”

Guy: “ok”

What the hell!

The fan service in this episode is uncomfortable to watch at time, while at others it is so out of place you can’t help but laugh.

extra: Did anyone-ells spot that one of the background songs is clearly “Lovely Day”.


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  1. Ahh…I just typed a long comment about fan service on another blog and I wish I had bookmarked it to copy here but alas.

    I contend that fan service is a relatively modern term created to defend Japanese escapism. In the mid-1980’s while living on Sado Island with my Japanese husband, I began to realize that everyday newsstand manga commonly contained scenes of rape, incest and the like involving young girls (who could miss the uniforms and schoolyards). In other words, this art form was normalized across the entire population.

    Being so in love with the culture as a whole, I turned a blind eye…even when I found child porn (perfectly legal until 2011 to manufacture and until 2014 to own…) in my house I felt forced to accept the explanation that it was just fantasy and that no one could deny the beautify of a young girl (child).

    I mention this only to drive the point that foreigners (folks from the US and such) are somewhat oblivious to what fan service really is and even go so far as to believe that it does no harm stating that there are no statistics to prove otherwise. This may be true, but reporting in Japan is discouraged culturally and the whole “normalization” thing makes such instances less tragic in the eyes of society. It is a very complex issue to say the least and I don’t think it is wise for anyone defend it without a very deep understanding of the culture.

    I really appreciate that you notice that you brought this topic up in your review by saying you did not enjoy such scenes appearing out of the blue– adding no value to the storyline. But as random as it seemed to you, it was in fact not random at all.

    Our family was deeply affected by the normalization of such scenes and of lolikon as a whole. Our story is told in “The Six-Foot Bonsai: A Soul Lost in the Land of the Rising Sun” (Amazon). As an anime fan your review of this information would be of interest to me personally.

    1. The reason I’m uncomfortable watching this is because in Uk/Canadian law it is illegal to look at images of underage children in sexual situations (even illustrated). I don’t want to see one of the “children” orgasms during what is implied to be sex! You don’t see any penetration, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking: “Am I allowed to watch this?”

      Think I know why they put the sex scene there in a visual novel context….doesn‘t really make much sense in the context of the show. The first 5 episodes it bases itself somewhat in reality, while episode 6 ditches all that for the multiple choice romance route (if they wanted to do that it should have been implemented by 3 not 6).
      *Dose he live in a visual novel or not (you can’t have your cake and eat it too)*

      Like you said I can’t defend it because I don’t understand the culture however, from my culture I don’t want to defend it because it’s seen as filth.
      fan service as I know it is sextural eye candy (which is why it can be so creepy when they do this to young children).
      bbc’s: guy of gisborne

      bbc’s: Ross Poldark

      bbc’s: Merlin

      They are considered fan service (woman watched just to see them).
      *In the case of “guy of gisborne” they had to write more stories for him just so he could be in more episodes.*

      I will read your book and I’m sure many other anime bloggers on wordpress would also be interested.

      1. Thank you for seeing though it all. You are a good voice as you understand the anime world so well. I am a fan of many anime that does not include such scenes. I love tonari no Totoro, Doramon, Dr Slump etc. there are so many good anime out there that really such exploitation is unnecessary. It is up to fans to be clear and vocal about unacceptable scenes that they would generally not accept from creators in their own countries. I will probably post something carefully about the book and why it could be important for anime fans.

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