MY love STORY!! 75% impression


This feels like it’s starting to drag.

Think I have mentioned on this blog before that I don’t like 24 episode shows (they just don’t work with the formula of this blog).  After finishing episode I just turned to myself “Have I finished “Akame ga Kill!” Yet?” Lucky for me they are now both on the end list.

*24 episode anime have the cycle through my midway list 3 times.*

recap: This anime is about a beautiful small girl who fell in love with a muscle man.

What are my thought on this anime: The first half of the show was about these two getting to learn about each other and finally say they are deeply in love, the second half is……reaffirming what was said in the first half???  I think this anime is starting to suffer with “It’s making me money so lets stretch it out”syndrome.

I’m not complaining I love this anime but, I’m starting to notice that the show is running-out of ideas.

  1.  Stereotypical Christmas
  2.  2 episode of girls wanting to confess there love
  3. theme parks day out
  4. focus an entire episode around kissing

I love the way they are executed, I just can’t get my head past how predictable these plots have become in the second half.

4 responses

  1. The Otaku Judge | Reply

    I find with a lot of romance shows that once the leads hook up writers struggle to keep things interesting and therefore have to resort to cliche plots.

    1. O_O Then why stretch it out!

      1. The Otaku Judge

        You answered your own question in the post… money! Ending a hit series is a huge risk because there’s no guarantee your next project will prove to be as popular.

      2. I can understand the Manga going on for a long time (authors got to eat) however, Ins’t it more costly to make 12 extra episodes that don’t add to much? Y-Y I hate having to pay £50-£80 in order to get both parts!

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