dropping Anne-Happy


Do you know why i’m sad about dropping this show? I like the idea of a class being made up of students who had bad luck.

The reason I’m dropping this is because episode 3 broke one of my personal rules, can you guess what it was?



6 responses

  1. I just found Anne-Happy kind of flat and boring so never made it to episode 3. The concept was interesting but hte humour didn’t work for me.

    1. If you like the concept you might like “good luck girl” (Binbogami ga).


  2. We are nothing alike. Cat girls is something that would make me want to watch a show 🙂

      1. You said you dropped the show because it broke one of your rules and then you posted a cat girl pic. I thought the cat girl is why you abandoned the series.

      2. OH! ^_O I have no problem with cat girls; in fact I own sexy maid cat girl ears.

        *You can buy some strange comic cons.*

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