Active Raid midway impression


Isn’t ironic that the episode that they are mocking giant robots is better then a noraml episode because it has giant robots.

*This anime is about robot police…..that’s it.*

Do you know what really annoys me? Anime that think just having a premise will be enough to fill a series (You need meat!). Non of the characters are distinctive in anyway and you will find yourself fighting boredom as you try and get to the end of each episode (While watching episode 5 I had to put the “gatchaman crowds” theme in the background just to make the scene more tense).

I have many problems with this anime and a lot of different complications show up in multiple episodes.


  • How can you make a joke about the price a giant robot fuel when this units police are constantly destroying parts of the city?
  • Why are military weapons being sold commercially to the public?
  • *A random building gets destroyed.* “Don’t worry everyone was evacuated” NO THEY WEREN’T!  There was no way of knowing that building was going to be destroyed in the commotion of battle.

The tone in the anime is too serious for a show with no urgency (there is a bad guy, but his actions haven’t really been much of a threat to the police).

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  1. The Otaku Judge | Reply

    Robots are metal so they don’t have meat hehe.

    Selling military weapons sounds unrealistic… unless this series is based in America.

    Destroying buildings and then saying they were evacuated reminds me of what people said to defend the destruction in the Man of Steel movie.

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