Y_Y I will write a story!

Just like my mother I determined to write one long story just to prove to myself that I can.

*Poor DB has to read through my odd spelling/grammar mistakes (I have problems with homophones)*

Thanks to my schools money laundering scheme I was not given the proper support to learn English language or  literature (I was in the classes where we would have to to hunt down are teachers because they could not be bothered to show up).

In order to hide the bad grades my high school didn’t allow us to take many classes as the C-A group, we were also forced to combine English language or  literature into one grade.

You can’t say I didn’t try to get high grades, for unlike many other students with low grades I got a certificate congratulating me for getting anything (I was going loopy).


Lucky for me a lot of students got into college on a glitch meaning they had to make a new course for us.

The college supported me well and allowed me to study in a comfortable environment (got my C in English language).

*I finished art college with a D*DD (I was personally congratulated by indicator for completing all my paperwork). unfortunately university’s cost too much and the courses I wanted were too faraway.* 


I respect anyone who has the discipline to sit at a computer and write a long story created from the thoughts in the back of there minds (The book might be the worst on the planet, yet I will still be impressed by how you manged to not get distracted while writing).

Y-Y DB Has dared me to write a short story In 3 days!

I won’t be able to choose what decorations go on the tree if I fail to hand in anything (my little glass squirrel ornament will makes it’s way onto them branches).


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