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Campione!first impression


There was no beast attacking, it was clearly just a storm destroying all the buildings (This was made in 2012).

This is about gods attacking for some reason a guy with a stone tablet…for some reason.

First let me get this out of the way:

Capture 2.PNG

O_o Get this girl some Sudocrem fast

I don’t know if many anime do this anymore but there was a time where it was seen as sexy to make your female characters look like they had infected pimples. I have no clue to who found this in anyway arousing (I just want to rub some antiseptic cream on them).

Another cliche this anime looks like it might fall into is: shove all the plot information into one episode so that we can concentrate on T & A  until the last episode. I think this way because there is very little pacing in this episode (scenes just escalates and deflate like a fart in wind) .

I think one of the most distracting things in the anime is that the background music doesn’t mix with the visuals.  I’m not saying they don’t fit the tone, what i’m getting at is that the music doesn’t sound like it was specifically designed for this anime (I swear it sounds like skyrim at some points).

*This anime has been sitting on my watch list for ages!*Capture.PNG


feeling down

*DB has banned me from reading the new.*

I’m currently going thogh a really bad downer.

o-T If it gets really bad I will just go to the shop and get a tub of ben and jerry’s phish food (that’s a last resort).

*Gotten past 3 days of madness so far (it normally only last 5 days).*

It doesn’t help that the cold has made my left arm is really saw (I could feel it popping with each breath I took while laying in bed).

I don’t work Sunday so I can get back to my anime rhythm.

Active Raid midway impression


Isn’t ironic that the episode that they are mocking giant robots is better then a noraml episode because it has giant robots.

*This anime is about robot police…..that’s it.*

Do you know what really annoys me? Anime that think just having a premise will be enough to fill a series (You need meat!). Non of the characters are distinctive in anyway and you will find yourself fighting boredom as you try and get to the end of each episode (While watching episode 5 I had to put the “gatchaman crowds” theme in the background just to make the scene more tense).

I have many problems with this anime and a lot of different complications show up in multiple episodes.


  • How can you make a joke about the price a giant robot fuel when this units police are constantly destroying parts of the city?
  • Why are military weapons being sold commercially to the public?
  • *A random building gets destroyed.* “Don’t worry everyone was evacuated” NO THEY WEREN’T!  There was no way of knowing that building was going to be destroyed in the commotion of battle.

The tone in the anime is too serious for a show with no urgency (there is a bad guy, but his actions haven’t really been much of a threat to the police).

dropping Anne-Happy


Do you know why i’m sad about dropping this show? I like the idea of a class being made up of students who had bad luck.

The reason I’m dropping this is because episode 3 broke one of my personal rules, can you guess what it was?


Fell-asleep watching active raid

It has been a long time since an anime has managed to send me to sleep.

*I will try get to the mid way tomorrow.* 

I think one of the problems with this anime is the name; my brain always goes to a can of raid before thinking about robot police.


ERASED midway impression


This is going to be a hard one to talk-about. 

This is a story about a time traveler who is trying to save a little girl and discover who killed his mother in modern day (little girl got killed).

Years: past 1988 – current 2006 (18 years)

Let me get this out of the way; the show is very atmospheric and knows just the right moves to make in order to pull on your heart strings.

After sitting back and thinking about the story I came to the conclusion that it’s very hollow.  The relationship between the young boy and girl was sweet, I just was not convinced by the abuse part of the story.

The teacher turned to Satoru and says he would explain to the other students “who are 10!” in the spring.  Even if I miss read the subtitles you can’t get away from the fact the teacher can’t be bothered to help one of his students “that he knows!” is being abused badly by her parents (worst teacher of the year).

*He’s not worst teacher of the year because he is ignoring the problem, he’s worst teacher of the year because he purposely stopped himself until the spring. That’s like seeing someone drowning and saying “I will help you in 5 minutes”.*

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

There is something in this show that the anime dose kind of address…but isn’t direct about it (to the point the show could have been a lot darker).  I know this might be a little disgusting to people who born in the 21st century but…..not that long ago if you knew someone who was being abused sexually or physically you were not really allowed to talk about it. If you said anything you would be blamed for disrupting the area, besmirching your family and generally be treated as an outcast (These were problems seen as something the family was meant to deal with not anyone ells).

If the show had set itself in 2016 and went back 18 years this would not be a problem.

In fact there is no reason to why this can’t be set in any other time period (there is very little visually to indication this shows takes place in the late 80’s).

Rokka -Braves of the Six Flowers- midway impression


How did this get so popular????

This anime is about some heroes who have to destroy some evil thing.

I don’t know if its because I have seen many shows that have used the idea of “heroes being gathered to destroy evil” but, this anime is very bland.

There designs look good and I enjoyed seeing the weapons being used by each hero……that’s about it.

All of the characters are literally dumped together and tell you there backgrounds.

SHOW NOT TELL!  I would much rather have 2 episodes explaining who these people are then watching them try and figure out who is the fake while sitting in a shrine doing nothing ( I don’t know any of you people!).

The story is hitting the correct notes; unfortunately it just is not producing an audible song.

MY love STORY!! 75% impression


This feels like it’s starting to drag.

Think I have mentioned on this blog before that I don’t like 24 episode shows (they just don’t work with the formula of this blog).  After finishing episode I just turned to myself “Have I finished “Akame ga Kill!” Yet?” Lucky for me they are now both on the end list.

*24 episode anime have the cycle through my midway list 3 times.*

recap: This anime is about a beautiful small girl who fell in love with a muscle man.

What are my thought on this anime: The first half of the show was about these two getting to learn about each other and finally say they are deeply in love, the second half is……reaffirming what was said in the first half???  I think this anime is starting to suffer with “It’s making me money so lets stretch it out”syndrome.

I’m not complaining I love this anime but, I’m starting to notice that the show is running-out of ideas.

  1.  Stereotypical Christmas
  2.  2 episode of girls wanting to confess there love
  3. theme parks day out
  4. focus an entire episode around kissing

I love the way they are executed, I just can’t get my head past how predictable these plots have become in the second half.

Saekano -How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend- Midway impression


I didn’t think a still image gave this odd moment justice.

*If anyone is looking for context: The animators panned down to her boobs for no reason and made them jiggle (it comes out of nowhere). *

This anime from episode 1-5 is not really that interesting a watch.  The show was bland, slow and lacking a tone outside of: “look at all the anime references! Don’t you love how he wants to turn this emotionless girl into his dream character?” Not really.

T_o The logic of the show is: “keep them bland, that way when you add emotion it hits hard.”

Do people in japan really read books where cardboard characters interact with no chemistry until the midway point? How is one meant to get any emotional impact from an underserved random shock moment? I’m not going: “That was a hard hitting scene” I’m more: “Where the heck did that come from????”

Episode 6 completely loses any form of creativity and ops for the paint by numbers anime pandering approach.  The juxtaposition between this episode and the first 5 is so drastic I can now understand why in episode 0 the girls sexually assaults him for fun…..and nobody speaks of it after.

Capture 1

T_T He has sex with his writer……which had no build up!

Girl: “We are friends”

Guy: “I want to make my game”

Girl: “let’s have sex”

Guy: “ok”

What the hell!

The fan service in this episode is uncomfortable to watch at time, while at others it is so out of place you can’t help but laugh.

extra: Did anyone-ells spot that one of the background songs is clearly “Lovely Day”.

Y_Y I’m moving to list alfa!

I tried watch new anime however, I found that the slow episode release was making me lazy and unwilling to watch these shows.

I just have to face the fact that I love watching shows in bulk while playing cookie clicker on the side.


You will be getting a load of midways for a while but, stay patient for first and ends will turn up once the formula starts kicking into gear! So what is next!

Capture.PNGI can work with that.