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update 10/11/2016

T-T Some dumb idiots gave me an anxiety attack.

I don’t want to talk about what fully happen but, think I might have overtly taught  some kids why it’s not smart to intimate random people who might not have the best mental status.

I need to stay in emotion limbo, if I slip too much into happiness or anger bad things happen!

Y_Y in bad mood

Been trying to watch “Occultic;Nine” but i’m just not in the mood.

*We had our snow.*

I was walking home from work today when I heard some woman talking about how Trump is now president.

woman 1: “Can’t they just have a second referendum.”

woman 2: “There senators won’t allow him in.”

Y_Y I want to bang these peoples heads together!


Is it wrong that I slightly turn into a child when the news says snow.

^-^ I love seeing everything go white!

Y_Y I will be super angry if I wake up to no snow after all this hype.

*We don’t get snow very often.*


Occultic;Nine *facepalm*


NEET:  ‘Not in Education, Employment or Training’

The show screwed up from the get go!

Versatile Blogger Award

It’s that time of year again people.


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7 things about myself????? Here goes:

1.Whenever I want to read a book or comic and not feel obligated to go out anywhere I will wear my kimono.   For reference I found this Kimono at convention (I didn’t purposely go looking for one).

  1. komono.jpg

    I look very angry in this  photo so I clipped my head off….man my feet are huge!

  2. Whenever I want to warm up I just ware my “Himouto! Umaru-chan” cape.

You don’t know warmth until you sleep under one of these.

3. My favorite colour is GREEN and my most hated colour is YELLOW.  o-o When I say “I have yellow” I mean “I HATE YELLOW!”  This to the point where I would avoid using it in any art project (except projects that needed dark undertones).

T_T I associate  the colour with a night terror I have had for years.

4.  My head contains two different identities (there are 2 emotional state I dissociate with myself  however, since this don’t have personality we don’t count them).

My head created another mind within my own in order to stop myself going mad……der. “I’m insane, but I know I’m insane.”

o-0 Connor might be a pain at time but he serves a very particular  purposes in my mind, without him I would’t be able to control my emotions as easily or recognize when I’m in pain (my subconscious is a strange place).

We have been harmonizing a lot more yet, that doesn’t mean we still don’t have disagreements or force each other to deal with situations which the other can’t deal with (does scramble are memory a bit).

5. I collect D&D E5 books and there screens.


T_T  Wish I never started collected the screens!  They hard to find (every time a new campaign book is announced I groan in annoyance).

6. I like dressing as if I’m from a different era.


O_O If people are going to call me freak/weirdo for just wearing my normal clothes I might as well go all the way ( I have been called a witch and gypsy for just having my hair down).

7. I’m a cleaner!

^-o I love my job so much I’m will to do 40-50 hours a week if my manager need a cover worker (I normally do about 25 hours a week now). *I used to do 40 hours a week (thank goodness I lost that job). 

Nominate ten bloggers

Atelier Emily

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Anime reviewer girl



o-o I can can only find 7 (I need to start following more blogs).

remember, remember the 5th of November!

^-o No post tomorrow; DB is taking me up to one of the high points in the valley to watch Fireworks going off for miles.

voting joke

UK: “Why do you vote on Tuesday?”

USA: “To allow people who live far away a chance to reach a poll both, along with not interfering with market day on Wednesday and the Biblical Sabbath (sundown Friday to sundown Saturday). Why do you vote on a Thursday?”

UK: “It was voted the most boring day of the week.”

*There are actually many reasons to why, but this is by far the most simplistic of answers.*

Why do I have a thing for 70’s-80’s music?

O_O My dad bought some top of the pops CD collections and the first one I grab is the 70-74 collection.

DB will get a lot better at his music quiz once I start getting some of these older hit uk songs in my head.

Bloodivores first impression

Capture 3.PNG

Sorry I blinked, what did I miss?

I had to look up what this anime was about (which says a lot about the show).

simple rule of thumb when it comes to creating a synopsis: If you can’t describe it within 3 sentences you have a problem. 


Synopsis by definition means brief! 

From what I can tell the plot,story or premise was not brought up in the episode making it pointless.  The episode does tell the viewer about the pills that turn people into vampires……not sure why????  I don’t really understand why this had to be a full episode when it could have easily been summarized at the beginning of the second  episode.

You have to love how they pull the “Did we kill all the cast” at the end of the episode just the cut away to the next episode preview telling you they are all ok.