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This Art Club Has a Problem! Midway impression

Capture 1.PNG

Wish they would drop the romance.

This is about. . . I don’t know??? It’s meant to be about an art club but, for some reason most of the jokes have nothing to do with art…. in fact the jokes about his waifu paintings are starting to ware-thin.

  • It’s not funny.
  • There is little focus.
  • The “romance” is nothing more then unhealthy obsession.

The dude isn’t interesting in 3 dimensional woman! He has told you this and you still keep pushing the idea that one day he will be cured and then fall into your arms.  There is a chance they could be together however, you would have to be understanding that he is more sexual attracted to his painted waifu (there are woman who date men with anime waifu’s purely because they know he won’t go off with another 3D woman).

*I watch some strange documentaries. O_O Just hope he doesn’t get legally married to his waifu (japan is wired).*

The show is charming, but heavily lacking focus.

Charlotte ending (reaction)


This was a dumb episode

*Implications in these last 6 episodes are disgraceful and idiotic.*

This anime is about “KIDS” having their powers awakened by a meteor.

Here is one of the BIG problems with these last couple of episode: The powers the kids get is not given to them by the meteor, it’s activated by the particles from meteor. These powers are natural yet the people are calling them “Ill” (virus) and “they need to be cured”.

WHY!  No other counties seem to be having problems with these powerful children and part from the odd which hunt there has been no big accidents throughout history.  Plus what is his gathering up powers going to achieve?  The meteor will just come back like it always does creating more magical children.

Why establish that they grow out of there powers if your just going to show a load of magical adults?

Implication of: “If you have a mutation that differs from the norm you must be fixed.” is pretty sewed up. The healing girl was helping people yet are “hero” still looked at her as a mutated freak who need “saving”.

This entire anime wouldn’t have even taken place if people were not abusing the powers that these children were gifted with.  Wouldn’t it be better to help people understand there powers instead of saying “once we find a way to fix  you your manipulative personality will change.”

There was another big thing in this anime that really confused me: Why wasn’t the blind woman’s eyes white?  They made the blind time-travelers eyes white yet for some reason they left hers blue?????? Was it to indicate she was from a different county? because visually it made no sense.

This anime got so confused by the second half.

My score 5/10

That ending drags this anime down.


Tokyo ESP first impression


There is nothing visually interesting to see. 

What is the anime about?  People with powers attack.

There really isn’t anything else to talk about.  There is a white girl who saves people from the bad guys who attacked because they could…but she doesn’t really show up until the end.

My main focus when watching this was trying to figure out what ESP meant?

At first I found “Extrasensory perception”, but that doesn’t explain there super powers.

O_O Then it hit me! An Esper in Japan is is not just  “Extrasensory perception” they are also “a person with superpowers”. This brings up many questions????

If these people had super human abilities I could sort of understand, but they are clearly going supernatural in this show.

*When someone says Esper to me I think psychic powers not people with magical random ability.*

Just call it Tokyo magic (there is no difference).

Alderamin on the Sky Midway impression.


That table to the left is really annoying me.

what is this about?: “There is a war.”

Anything else?  “SCIENCE!”

I think the best way I can describe this anime is by comparing to the problem I had with a book I read over the summer.

It had perfect grammar, well-structured and an interesting premise (the book even won an award) however; soon as you try and bond with the characters it all falls apart.  O-o The plot would have taken place even if they had sat on their butts doing nothing for 300 pages (I got the book from the author signed).  *You know how people get gamer rage, I get book rage (I tend to read two books at a time because of this).*

I don’t really like the characters in this anime and the plot feels like it will move along even if they were doing nothing for the next 6 episodes.   We could be following the story of the guy 2nd to the left on the front row and the story would still have managed to reach this point in the show.

Even during the main leads training practice where he saves the princess felt pointless, why was she there to begin with?  He tells everyone to be lazy and then nothing else has been mentioned about it since, why did that inspire them in the first place?

“I can you my brain.”

“He should be are leader, he knows how to use basic logic.”

How did they even move that log into the lake?

I’m just not getting into it.

I anyone ells having this problem: getting junk I didn’t follow in my reader.

O_o What is the point of giving me a costume list made to help me access blogs I follow  if WordPress is just going to put random sites into the mix.

There has to be a better way of advertising these blogs without forcing them into my feed.

If need make two feeds, just leave my main one alone!

^-o Merry Christmas everyone.

I will be back the 27th December

Tonight I’m going to be working in order for me to get boxing day off.

7:30pm – 9:45pm  *shop shuts at 10pm*

The big shop is shutting at 6 pm meaning are Local shop will be the only place people can pick up last minute items (it’s going to be messy).

It’s really wired because I start the job at 6am – 8:15am.

Christmas day I will be celebrating with my parents until my boyfriend picks me up allowing me to spend the rest of the day with his family (I can’t join my family because the house is too small and fights brake out). I just wanted to sit in his house reading a book however, his mother insist that I join them because the thought of me being alone on Christmas is depressing (I have no problem with being alone, its just when I’m  locked upstairs and all you hear is merriment downstairs it bums me out).

*I need my own home!*

On boxing day I will be going to diner at my Nan’s .

Twice now my Nan has managed to get me drunk, I’m determined not to let her win this year (I’m going to miss them when they are gone).

o-O  There time was when she offered me a glass of her expensive Sherry.  I couldn’t say no because my Nan doesn’t let anyone drink her sherry, being offered a glass is a great honor (my entire family gasped and stared at me when she asked).

The second time was when I had to drink two crystal glasses worth of white wine; I did this because my boyfriend doesn’t drink alcohol and we didn’t want to be rude to the host who had already poured it. After I finished my first I switched glasses making it look like he had fished his and I was just proceeding to drink mine.

XD Didn’t fool anyone (most people I know are teetotal meaning I rarely drink).

Alderamin on the Sky on hold


I hate this anime.

Establish your world!  The setting of this anime never stays consistent for more than one episode, it’s driving me mad.

For a good chunk of the anime I thought when he said: “scientific” he didn’t know what this meant and he was using it as another way to say “logical”….nope! He’s just a pretentious jerk.

Don’t say geological or mathematical, scientific sounds so much cooler.

^-o According to this anime doing tasks efficiently means you’re lazy.

^-o interesting moment yesterday

Other humans fascinate me with there emotions: Why don’t they block them out? Why don’t they feel pain when it happens? o-O Don’t you want to punish yourself for feeling them?

My school years did F*** up my head in the name of complacency.  0-^ To give you an idea of how F*** my school was:  They knew I was going psychotically mad yet,  they refused to refer me to a psychologist because I had A fake statement that made them a lot of money (I got full funding and was never given it).  They told me if I”fixed” myself other people would like me. T-T This “Fixing” involved teaching yourself that group defiance  is wrong, only talk about what they like, dress to please them, you should feel sorry for the person beating you up because they have a harder life  and feel the correct emotions.

O_o I was even punished for giving off a depressing aura (How can you punish someone for being depressed?).

*XD My poor college was so confused when they were given that fake statement….along with the psychologist they paid for “some people come with 1 or 2 pages, *slams down years worth of psychological assessments* you come with a manual”*

 Back to the actual story

I was on the bus home (upstairs) when a person came up yelling his head off at a lad downstairs, I didn’t think much of it and continued to look out the window.
When it came to getting off the bus a woman was annoyed with driver because he went passed the stop she wanted.

* O_0 There is a reason I avoid other humans, I have terrible communication skills.*

Me: “You didn’t press the bell too close to the sign.” *too short notice.*
The guy came out of nowhere and starts yelling at me like a mad man!
Getting a rush of adrenaline I yelled back (trying to keep him occupied until my stop).
He got too close into my face so I pushed him back (failed and bad idea).
He threatened to break my skull as he pushed me further into the back of the bus and eventually pushed me on my back into the small stairs. We reached to stop and as I walked forward he walked back still yelling as I tried to drag my limp/numb body collapsed going into spasms.

The woman stayed as he went off in a huff. The bus driver turned off the lights I pretended nothing was going on (even the passengers were dumbfounded by that assholes move).
She got me into the recovery position which allowed me to relax my body a lot faster than I could have done on my own (I can’t afford to be passed out too long in public places). When I managed to get my head focused enough I said sorry to the woman for what happened.

From what I can tell the guy was in a bad mood and just wanted to intimidate someone in order to make himself feel strong,powerful and burn off all his frustration (wrong place, wrong time).  T-o I can’t be mad at the guy, circumstances had been set up in such a way that it was virtual unavoidable (I made piece with the woman so he now has now been rendered pointless).

*I know a lot of people who would like to hurt me for pleasure, adding one more really dose not bother me.*

I managed to drag myself home.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches ending (reaction)


There is a reason why I avoid teen books. 

synopsis: 7 girls have magical powers.

I’m going to be straight to the point here: I have a strong biased towards this anime.  If you love it fine however, I can’t enjoy this show purely because it is written too simplistically.

When I watch a harem anime I want to see how the girls individually communicate with the males lead, this show doesn’t have that.   Excluding the blond haired lass I can’t even remember on the top of my head what the other 6 girls look like.

I don’t feel like the show properly expressed the suffering these girls had to go through thanks to their powers.


  1. I have powers and a backstory I will tell you about.
  2. Guy is nice to them.
  3. Everything is better.

It was so formulaic I didn’t want to watch it all the way to the end.

My score 4/10

T-o If you are a young teen you might like it.

Math problem

XD I was looking at my anime list (Excel) and I spotted an empty slot in a place where there should’t be one.I looked thogh the to watch list and found that I had forgotten to shift over one of  them to the mid list.

T_o It’s extra annoying because I usually highlight them before I even start watching.

It’s karma biting me in the butt for trying to avoid watching “Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches”.