Got a bad cold.

I don’t know if anyone spotted that I didn’t post anything Saturday.  The reason  was that after going to the small city I noticed something didn’t feel right.

I’m used to walking miles however, on this day after just 2 hours of walking my legs were numb along with my body shaking.

When I got to DB’s I went into Sleep paralysis.

*In his words “You were dead to the world.”*

When I did manage to get some awareness he took me home and I instantly went to bed.

When Sunday came I started to feel more rotten and spent to day laying in bed trying to keep warm until my body decided :o-O “TOO HOT!” I sat outside trying to weaken the thumping headache.

Today I feel nauseous, headachy, swollen mussels, sleepy and have a saw throat.

^_^ The difference is that I now have ibuprofen to numb the pain.


4 responses

  1. Take care: I hope you feel better soon 😀

  2. Off topic, but hopefully this will also make you feel a bit better: I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. You can find it here: 😀

    1. ^_^ Thanks! That is a great honour coming from you.

      1. You are very welcome, and it is very well deserved 😀

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