Magic-Kyun! Renaissance first imprecation


O_O WOW its average! 

This is about a girl who goes to a school for the arts and meets loads of boys.
This anime is simple and safe in everything it does…I’m so happy!

When you  sit back and watch one of these kinds of anime the only thing you can truly ask for is competence. Too many of these shows makes there lead a dumb idiot who need a load of men to take care of her… I strange for not being turned on by that? I don’t find that in anyway arousing (it would be interesting if she had influence over the men).

Do you know what shocked me during this episode? The main female lead talked to another woman without making a best friend or an enemy. Why the heck is that such a rarity in a show that is meant to appeal to woman?

School girls talk to other school girls, it’s not rocket science.

It’s not the best set up I have seen but, it has managed to spark an interest in me.


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