Qualidea Code midway impression


Finally the show starts to explain stuff.

What is the show about: war with aliens.

Apparently according to episode 6 they got there powers from seeing something……what did they see? I don’t know, it was just something bad.

The kids were sent to be frozen……why? I don’t know.

The army has chips in there necks that makes them easy targets for the aliens…..why? I don’t know.

Do I think this is a bad anime? No. The show dose progress and the action is pleasant to look at, they just fail to establish anything (It feels like you’re skipping important pages in a book just so you can read the action scenes).

To me this anime should have been 24 episodes, this would having given the writer room to stretch they legs and explain in a load more detail what was going on (they would have had plenty to work with).


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