Orange first impression

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T_T I want there bread.

What is it about:  Girl gets letters from herself in the future.

Not much really happened, yet a lot happened.

If I was to talk about the interactions I would say:  They are all friends and they do friend things…..that’s about it.  I couldn’t tell you who she is friends with or what this boy she has been told about in the letter is like.

All the real talking in this anime is done by the music/designs creating an atmosphere that gives the characters interactions more meaning without having to force in unnatural dialogue.

I one problem with this episode: Why did they choose such goofy music?

I was completely pulled out of the world this show had made just because someone wanted to represent high school students hanging out with county music.



One response

  1. I really enjoyed this series. It is slow, so it might not be for everyone, but I just loved the story, and it hit me a few times on a very personal level. Everyone reacted differently to this one. There are people that loved this series, but also people that absolutely hated it. Looking forward what you will think of it in the end 😀

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