momokuri midway impression


Hello loophole anime.

*This is a loophole anime because it’s meant to be 13 minutes long not 26.*

It’s about a girl obsessed with a moe boy.

I don’t tend to talk about anime that is short on this blog because they tend to be disposable candy shows that are meant to exist in there only little worlds per episode (in short: your not meant to think too deeply about how each one connects).

I understand why they put 2 episode into one, there are episode that lead into each other creating what looks to be one big story. The problem with this is that it highlights the creepy nature of are main female lead to slightly disturbing levels.

If She was male having her smell his bed sheets, steal his used straws daily while stalking him every moment to find out his likes/dislikes would  equal someone you should stay far away from not find cute and endearing.

Outside that the show is harmless fluff.


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