Keijo!!!!!!!! first impression


I think she broke her spine???

This this is an anime about girls fighting with there butts…..and sometimes there boobs.  I don’t get that, why would you use your boobs to attack? I can kind of understand using the power of the butt slap but BOOBS!  I guess if you slap someone with them from the side, I’M THINKING TOO MUCH ABOUT THIS!

This show takes place at a huge school dedicates to art of fighting with your butt/boobs over a pool of water……Why? I don’t doubt people would want to train in this (Even I would want to try it), what I question is: would there really be so many people want to join that a high school sized building would be required? I also question the amount of news coverage these students are getting (Am I really meant to believe they are TV famous).

I was laughing my butt off at how over the top this anime was.  There is just something about the over exaggerated impacts of the butt attacks that nullifies the fan-service aspect of the show to comedy levels of absurdity.

T_T Back into my rhythm now….guess I will be watching an anime that I have been dreading for quite some time (endings need to flow too).


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