Rant: anime titles and insane sub fan’s.

This is only small rant but, it’s something that has been getting under my skin for some time now:

I can’t stand anime fans who insist on trying to pronounce an anime title when there is no need to.

I’m taking about anime that have an official English names and these people still refuse to use it  (these names are in the openings of original broadcast).

Another one that gets under my skin is when you can clearly hear what English word they are trying to say in the sub; people insist on still pronouncing that way because in there head they believe it’s the correct way.

E.g. cheese =  チーズ  chi-zu

It’s written Katakana, it’s clearly just meant to be cheese.

O-0 Another example:

“Little Witch Academia” Which is clearly = Little Witch Academy

Y_Y This is even more annoying because the name reads

リト ルウィッチ アカデミア

Ri-to   ru-u-i-tsu-chi   a-ka-de-mi-a

So there is no excuse with this one.

^_^ sorry, I needed to get that off my chest.


additional:  If an anime fan wants to pronounce a name because it has multiple meanings then fine, if you don’t know what them meanings are you are just being a difficult ass.

The reason a show gets a title interpreted into English is so it can be spread by “word of mouth”  easier.

Insane sub fan’s complain when it gets changed but, they complain when people can’t pronounce it.


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  1. Haha…sometimes it is just good to get things off your chess lol 😂 Great and funny post…and honestly:so true!

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