Sound! Euphonium ending (reaction)

Capture 1.PNG

Was it good???????

This is about a class orchestra that enters a contests.

The show is completely character driven due to the ending being inevitable no matter what happens during the show….is that good thing?? There is a little conflict for 2-3 episode and then back to nothing for the rest of the show.

I know this is a wired way of describing a show but, this feels likes other scale twin of k-on.

*They are both made by Kyoto Animation (anime fan 101: learn about kyoani )*

  • k-on = skims the music and concentrates on the girls friendship/bond.
  • Sound! Euphonium  =  skims the friendship and concentrates on the music.

For a show that is character driven there is a real lack of “characters” to drive it along.  The show doesn’t lack in people it could use to move an interesting side story….it just that I really wouldn’t care any of them, (excluding the girl in the image above) they are all clearly copy paste clones that are there just to fill the class.

If I had to guess it’s final score I would say above average.

My score 6/10

It was heavily dragged down by  the lack of chemistry the students had and the constant pretending that the show had a story when it really didn’t have one.



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